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Picking the right quote for your motor insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance quotes? Well, no quotations for motor insurance are exactly "cheap" these days but you can help yourself get the best possible prices by not only getting quotes from as many insurers as possible (yes I know it's obvious but the majority of people still accept the renewal price from their current insurer) But by being a little careful when filling in the insurance proposal form. Now I'm going to start by stressing that everything you write down on an insurance proposal form has to be, as far as you can make it, 100% accurate. There is no point in getting a wonderfully low quote if the insurance company refuses to pay for your car repairs on the grounds that you forgot to mention a minor claim four years ago, changed from parking on the road instead of on a drive without telling your insurers or omitted to mention the crash you had in Spain last year which was covered by your hired car insurance. None of their business did you say? Well as the law stands you are obliged to inform quoting insurers of ANYTHING that may cause them to increase a premium, or even refuse insurance altogether, whether they have specifically asked for it or not so whilst you're getting that quotation it's important to be as upfront as possible - where there is an excuse for an insurer to refuse to pay out on a claim an awful lot of them will grab it with both hands.

Having got that out of the way, though, there are often ways of reducing quotes, sometimes by a considerable margin. Many insurers offer a courtesy car in the event of an accident but if you have access to another vehicle would you really need this, in these days of easily obtained short term car insurance? Skipping it may reduce the quotation. What is the true market value of your car? Insuring it for more than this may increase your quote but the insuring company won't pay out more than it's worth. So you have got a cheap car you only want to insure third party fire and theft only? Have you had a quote for comprehensive cover too? Farcical though it may seem comprehensive is sometimes actually cheaper than TPFT insurance because those who who want third party cover may not be as careful as those who cherish their more expensive motors. And yes, sometimes young drivers can get a discount if they name an older relative on their policies (not the other way round; the person who drives the car MUST be named as the principal driver; failing to do this is called fronting, it's illegal and the insurance companies know all about it, they are not daft) because insurance companies like to see older and more experience drivers taking an interest in a car; and sometimes offering to accept a larger excess (what the Americans call a "deductible"; it's like the way they call cars "autos" or "automobiles") can result in a lowered quotation.

Finally, watch the small print. Many insurers that offer the cheapest, low cost, absolute bargain car insurance quotes will charge you a fortune if you tell them about a change of address, job, parking arrangements during the day etc (you have to tell them; failing to do so gives them grounds to refuse a claim, see above) whilst other companies that are quoting a little more may charge nothing at all for these changes. As ever, when getting quotations for insuring a vehicle you need to keep your eyes wide open, and take your time making up which quote to accept. This is the only way to have the assurance of knowing that you've done your best to buy a good car insurance policy at the right price.

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